The joy of giving

Acts 20:35 KJV – “I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Soon it will be Christmas and so the world declares that it is the season of giving. Of course the world is speaking out of a materialistic mindset. Dollars make the world go round after all, don’t you know?

But, the giving I’m talking about is not material in nature and certainly cost more than many fists full of dollars and, is worth unthinkable amounts of riches. I’m talking about the gift of a godly heritage and the testimony of the spiritual victories God helped you win so that your children would not have to fight the same enemies that you fought and struggled with.

All families have hordes of spiritual enemies that plague them through the generations. We call them generational curses. My family is no different. In my family, like most all families, there is alcohol, tobacco, drugs, poverty, homosexuality, pornography, broken marriages, disabilities, addictions, etc….

Now, I am extremely blessed by God to have an Apostolic Pentecostal heritage that goes back three generations prior to me. Through my heritage I have enjoyed the “gift” of spiritual victories being won. I’m in my 40’s and to this day have never tasted alcohol, have never used tobacco in any form, and have never used drugs. In fact, I have never had a strong pull, craving, hankering, desire, want, nor temptation to partake in those things. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Now, that is an amazing gift to recieve. But, it can be hard sometimes not to take it for granted because it didn’t cost me anything.

The other day the story Stone Soup came to mind. Basically, it’s about how everyone adds something to a soup to add to the flavor and improve it. (Click the link and enjoy it wholly.) I came to realize that while the heritage I have is amazing because there are victories over spiritual enemies that plague many members of my family, what is better is that I get to add to the heritage!!!

It means more to me that I get to add to the heritage, rather than just pass along what others did for me. I’m so glad and thankful that God gave me victory over addictions to pornography, sports, television, and even lust. I was bound up all my adult life by these spiritual enemies. It means more to me to be able to add victories over these enemies to the heritage because it cost me something to win the fight!

The heritage means more to me today than ever before. I look forward to the day when I have children and can pass it down to a fifth generation. Thank God for teaching me that it is indeed better to give than to recieve.


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